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Introduction To Marketing Cloud


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“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.” — Quote by Ms. Beth Comstock, Former CMO & Vice Chair, General Electric. 

The marketing department of a company can be compared to artists who conjure up beautiful imagery and alluring words. With their skills, imagination, and experience, they are responsible for creating a buzz in the market about their company’s products and services. For those who enjoy the buzz, thrill, and working under pressure in a creative world, the marketing department is the place to be. Coming to the aid of the marketing honchos are a range of digital tools in the 21st century. Today’s blog is all about one of them – The Salesforce marketing cloud. This useful and magical resource provides digital marketing automation &v analytics software, and services. It is the most appropriate medium for curating relevant, customised journeys via different channels and electronic devices – allowing marketing teams to send the right message to the right audience at the appropriate hour. 

To begin with, the marketing cloud is a bouquet of features & studios such as social studio, journey builder, email studio, and data studio. Let’s get to know them a bit better with an overview of each: 

Audience studio – It gets data from all types of sources and devices. This is followed by linking, segmentation, to formulate relevant and desirable client experiences. 

Data studio - Cast your outreach afar with an information sharing medium where publishers can share 2nd party information with the marketing team in the most unequivocal way. 

Google analytics 360 - Get cross-channel awareness for smooth client journeys with Google Analytics 360 + Marketing Cloud. 

Journey builder - Provide cross-channel curated experiences at every stage of the client lifecycle with campaign. 

Interaction studio - Envision, monitor, and oversee client experiences with real-time interaction management — engineering valuable interaction at the appropriate time.  

The cloud enables users to oversee messaging via different mediums: email, text messages, ads, and push. Automation Studio and Journey Builder enable clients to automate their marketing programs to improve their outreach and productivity. Tracking and reports reveal valuable data that lets businesses review and improve their programs. The API and SFTP allow integration with all types of outside systems. Businesses use these to integrate with web analytics, data warehouses, CRM systems, POS systems, curated apps, and so on. 

The cloud offering from Salesforce is a great boon for companies of all shapes, sizes, and domains. Its different editions are just right for different sizes of companies. Moreover, with the choice in the selection of add-on features, a brand can customise their marketing cloud to be uniquely theirs, and it can be modified and scaled over time as business goals change. 

The Marketing Cloud opens up exciting vistas for the marketing personnel and with the superpowers of other Salesforce clouds. To boost your marketing with this fantastic Salesforce Marketing Cloud, get in touch with us to obtain the right Salesforce solution for you.  

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