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COVID19 Care With Salesforce


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The Covid-19 pandemic of 2019 is now firmly entrenched in 2021. The 2nd wave of India, the multiple waves in Europe as well as the continuing crisis in Brazil is a pointer to the destruction unleashed on all of us by this novel coronavirus. Last year in March in response to this crisis and its overwhelming health care industry, Salesforce rolled out its “covid-19 response package”. The package was meant to provide relief to the beleaguered health care providers and industry.

The issues addressed by this package are:

  • The deluge of telecalls by worried and scared people in communities, flooding the company’s systems 

  • The need to direct patients and their families to sources of reliable information 

  • Mis-information widely available on social media platforms and messaging channels 

  • Collate and analyze huge cache of data/information being received daily 

  • A stressed infrastructure required to evolve quickly based on ‘real time’ scenarios 

  • Engagement and patient care through limited means including follow-ups  

The distinct solutions provided by this package is divided into 3 segments: 

Emergency Response Contact Centre 

  • Bot based stratification based on clinical guidelines 

  • Scheduling patients for tests 

  • View of all households to identify risks 

Continuing care and relations 

  • Telehealth services 

  • Compliance with the care plan 

  • Coordination of care 

  • Communities for patient care

Social listening and patient journey 

  • Look out for sentiment and keywords 

  • Journey management 

  • Trusted education source 

The Salesforce Covid – 19 response management uses data within the organization for: 

  • Chatbots deployed to handle the volume of calls 

  • Provide reliable information to all those who need it 

  • Identify and track covid cases as well as schedule their tests 

  • Manage isolation centres 

  • Track and manage the consumption of medical supplies 

  • Managing the deployment of care resources 

  • Identify and track high-risk patients 

  • Best practices training  

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