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Benefits Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud


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"You need to get to the future, ahead of your customers, and be ready to greet them when they arrive." - Quote by Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.

The marketing cloud of Salesforce is a comprehensive solution for e-mail, social networking, client progress administration, presenting, content creation, CMS, and information analysis. Salesforce marketing cloud lets you create relevant marketing via e-mail. It lets you go cross-channel and improve the digital marketing strategy by becoming the conduit between the cell phone and email strategy. Marketing Reasoning lets users deal with and change your ad drive to secure clients. Salesforce and marketing cloud integration will boost marketing plans and enable the marketing team to help the sales team achieve their goals for the company.

The benefits of Salesforce marketing cloud are:

  • The cloud's the ability to store different categories of data and make customised information models, is an advantage compared to some robust platforms that enable a limited data model handicapped by the information they are able to import and handle.

  • Wide range of integration capabilities. The cloud provides access to myriad sources of data that can be easily and safely integrated.

  • Third-party apps. Salesforce Marketing Cloud has access to a wide range of  3rd party applications, including those from the Salesforce AppExchange, to improve its effectiveness and personalise it to your unique business objectives. AppExchange is Salesforce's version of apple store or Google play store.

  • Power of AI. Salesforce’s artificial intelligence technology, known as “Einstein,” has special applications within this cloud such as Engagement scoring to forecast who will engage with messaging, and engagement frequency to gauge how many emails need to be sent to a lead / client.

  • B2B or B2C functionality. The marketing cloud is an integral and important tool in the hands of the marketing teams. With the right tools, companies can see their efforts bearing fruits, and Salesforce client notice consistent higher conversions and more communication leading to them getting better ROI and creation of brand building. It does not matter who the customer is (a business company or a client on the street), the marketing cloud is like a magic wand, which allows for, meaningful engagement with clients and a solid relationship that passes the test of time. Strong analytics tools and smooth channel integration translates into your business engagement with any client at any stage in their journey.

The cloud offering from Salesforce is a great boon for companies of all shapes, sizes, and domains. Its different editions are just right for different sizes of companies. Moreover, with the choice in selection of add-on features, a brand can customise their marketing cloud to be uniquely theirs, and it can be modified and scaled over time as business goals change.

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