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“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.”– Quote by Norman Vincent Peale, Author.

Though we are going through the worst economic crisis the world has seen in decades thanks to the ravages of Covid-19 and the effects of which will last for years to come, things will get better. For all the young people who will enter the workplace, here is a piece of solace – we will start reclaiming our lives and economies down the road with health precautions. So if you are going to be entering the workforce, anytime in the near future, don’t lose hope.  In the meantime, prepare yourself well for when the interview calls to come.

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Here are some tips from us for a great job interview:

Do your homework – always go for an interview well prepared. When you are informed by a company, start your homework there and then. By homework means, study up on the company, the position you are applying for as well as the person who will conduct the interview. An informed applicant is always preferred over a clueless competitor. The more you know the better you come across.

Bring your specific questions – Mostly in all hiring interviews, the interviewer asks the candidates that if they have any questions on any topic. This is your opportunity to show how smart, informed, and eager candidate you are. It reveals how much thought and effort you have put into preparing for the interview, post, and company.

Bring your ideas – Put forth your ideas on the post and company. You bring new perspectives and can put some useful views & suggestions. It shows that you are a thinker as well as a problem solver.

Honesty – Be polite, honest, and open and don’t embellish your CV which can be caught out thus leaving you embarrassed and not considered for the job.

Soft skills – Be formally dressed or as per company code. Be punctual, smile, shake hands, sit down only when told, carry a copy of your resume, polish your shoes, make eye contact, and be crisp in your answers. Be polite always and say “thank you for your time and consideration” before exiting from the room.  The power of soft skills can never be underestimated.

If You have reached here and you are so serious for your Job Interview Here are the Bonus Tips For You.

Bring more to the company - The company wants to know how skills applicable to a particular position. How will you contribute to company success? Your current skills and plans to upgrade? Such information helps in getting a job over the other. Hundreds apply for posts in India and only a few get them.  Be among them by bringing more to the table.

Start your planning now and with our humble tips, you may ace the interviews and get yourself the entry-level post in a great brand you have been dreaming of for years. The COVID-19 situation will ease and our careers will start picking up steam down the road. Best of luck to you all!


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