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An American based Multi national firm dealing in the Insurance domain with a regional HQ in Delhi


The company wanted an easy solution to manage their in-house projects so that all aspects can be handled in time


Our solution was the deployment of a customised version of ProjecLeo app , which is a project management app on Salesforce platform

What we did.

Customisation of app
Development & execution of the app
Training to users
Support services

Project management simplified

A simple and easy to use app which takes care of A to Z of project management domain

Our Work

After intensive engagement with the senior management of the company, we built a custom version of the app as per their specific needs & requirements to enable remote working as well.Post testing and back & forth with the clients, the app was delivered and followed up with training sessions for the teams as well as support services to ensure a glitch free enviornment.

We treat every customer like a VIP