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Launched earlier this year, Elevate is a new addition to the portfolio of offerings from the House of Salesforce and The bouquet of offerings under the Elevate umbrella increases an organization's ability to process online payments without the need for a third-party app. With two new features (Giving Pages and Payment Services), the fund raising feature gives an additional layer of communication with the donor community, integrated with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). Elevate's focus is on simplifying donor engagement along the journey on behalf of the NGO.

The highlights and features of Elevate are:

  • The admin console creates a centralized location for Payment Services and Giving Pages. These parts are configurable and can be managed as per each NGO's unique payment management processes.

  • Settings and branding can be customized to match the NGO's identity and preferred layouts.

  • Administrators can create engaging personalized content as well as show highlighted messaging for qualitative audience outreach.

  • Elevate online giving forms is a unique solution for an NGO's fund raising programs.

  • With branded pages, out-of-the-box forms, and an easy-to-use interface, the giving pages make it very simple for the donor community to donate anytime, anywhere, etc.

  • It provides the donor the option to donate a single time or repeatedly over a course of time.

  • Multiple giving pages can be created with each page linked to a single fund.

  • Curated giving pages give a personalized touch with the stakeholders with logos, payment fields, confirmation messaging as per the needs & requirements of the concerned NGO.

  • These curated experiences are 100% integrated with Payment Services.

  • A payment gateway can be connected directly to the NGO's Giving Pages and Salesforce instance.

  • Elevate’s Payment Services includes the Gateway Connector providing an integration of the payment gateway with the Salesforce CRM.

  • Payment Services is able to process credit and debit card payments, as well as donation collection from Elevate Giving Pages.

  • Therefore whether the NGO is integrating with NPSP or GEM, leveraging different apps as well as making the payment process more refined has never been easier or safer.

  • Payment services can also be enabled for partners, third parties, and custom applications.  Integrating with the Salesforce CRM, Elevate allows payments to be accepted using custom web pages and applications.

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Ms. Anita Kaur whose family runs an NGO in the sylvan surroundings of the villages of Uttarakhand says " Elevate and NPSP are the perfect tools for us to connect with our stakeholders especially donors. In these times, fund raising is a major challenge and we look forward to a more focused interaction with our & valuable donors by using the power of Salesforce & NPSP". Like her NGO, others around India will also benefit from Elevate and its offerings. Like the name says, it will elevate the entire donor-donation portion of an NGO's work which is the most significant in order for them to continue and even scale their good work.

As you can see the Elevate is going to give wings to an NGO for a more refined donor and donation journey & engagement. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and took away some food for thought for your NGO's donor journey.

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