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One of the unintended fallouts of Covid-19 is the work from the home scenario for millions of people like us to ensure physical distancing and isolation to keep us all safe. WFH scenarios were welcomed with gusto and embraced by all. Now, slowly reports and surveys are indicating 'burnouts", stress and negativity caused by WFH. To help all of us, we have put together some tips to ease the situation and make WFH a doable option with minimal stress.

Here are some very useful tips on preventing burn-out:

Set a Daily routine – As you would have done if you were going to a proper office in an office setting, make a daily routine and stick to it. This will help you be focused, stay on track, and avoid unwarranted detours.

Reduce distractions – Have a dedicated work station in a peaceful and calming zone (if possible) where distractions are minimal, if not avoidable. Thus you can concentrate on work away from the myriad distractions which plague people who wfh.

Prepare for office – You don't need to wear office wear and work from your drawing room, but that is no excuse for being sloppy or lazy. Shower, cloth properly, groom yourself and come to your desk with the right professional mindset.

Prioritize your work – Be organized and prioritize your work for the day.  Work on the tasks which are important rather than immediate. This can prove to be your undoing in the long run.

Take regular breaks – factor in 5 minutes break for every hour of work. It could take the form of a small walk, stretching exercise, deep breathing, doing a house chore or making a list or helping a family member.

Stick to fixed work hours- One can end up being a workaholic while wfh. It works for some, it doesn't work for some. However in general, define your work hours, inform all stakeholders, and stick to it. Therefore you draw your boundaries and others are bound to respect it.

Switch off – After you are done for the day switch off from your laptop, email, messenger services, and all digital communication methods. Maintain work and life balance otherwise burnout is around the corner.

Take days off – If your work says no weekends at work, follow it. Don't switch on your laptop unless urgent work is pending. Similarly, take a day off in the month as casual or sick leave, which you would have if you were going to an office.

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These are small tips which combined can prevent the now work-from-home burnout being suffered by thousands across the world. With homes and offices blurred, burnouts are real and dangerous for the body, mind, and soul.

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