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"Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road." – Quote by Stewart Brand, Writer.
The current lull in the economies and businesses thanks to Covid-19 is a good opportunity for businesses to look inwards. It's a great chance to introspect and take course correction measures to make a business a tough and fighting machine. One aspect in this introspection should be reviving digital transformation projects put on hold or not implemented to the fullest. Below we have listed some steps on how to go about doing so that the digital transformation is useful, seamless, and up to date with the latest in the market.
As exporter Vikas Sharma of Gurgaon says "The lockdown helped me to gain insights on improving processes and do away with the deadwood. The digital makeover is one of them to prepare for reviving the business".

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Below are listed the steps to Revive Your Digital Transformation Projects:

  • Mindset Metamorphosis – We all must understand that digital transformation is not a defined objective like a project which has a deadline and then there is a full stop. Digital transformation is a continuous, fluid scenario where observation, analysis, and improvements/upgradations are a constant feature. This is the only way digital tech will make life easier and business better run. Be committed to a digital transformation to ensure your business profits.

  • Knowledge of your business processes – The understanding of the causes that drive behaviour and mould processes is an important foundation for efficient and successful automation steps.

  • Automate the right processes – An in-depth study of the business's processes is a must for undertaking a digital revamp. This will assist in streamlining processes and ensuring the right workflows are selected for the automation project.  There is no point in automating wrong processes which lead to a waste of time, energy, and money. Be smart and make the right choices.

  • Understand business content – Documents crucial in business processes such as bills and claim forms cannot be processed by digital tools if unstructured. Therefore content intelligent solutions engine by AI technologies are required for this purpose.

  • Empower employees – Employees freed from mundane and routine tasks can focus on more important tasks that require cognitive skills. They can start working on high-value assignments and tasks where their skill sets are better put to use. Thus their talent and creativity are leveraged and the company benefits.

  • Measure the digital IQ of the business - Digital IQ is defined as the ability to comprehend and take decisions based on the data, tech, and processes available. A good digital IQ means identifying lacunas, speed breakers, etc to be able to automate processes and upscale digital transformation in the business. Therefore it is vital to measure the digital IQ of the organization. A business needs to know where it is on the scale of a digital makeover and what needs to be done on the journey ahead.

With the above steps, a business can transform itself into the 21st century and beyond. The future of business is digital. Harness its power to improve workflow and finances.

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