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“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” – Quote by Wendy Piersall, Author, Blogger, and Artist.

Account-Based marketing (whose acronym is ABM) helps companies support larger complex corporations. In a strategy that links data management with marketing automation to curate personalised campaigns, it is meant for the B2B customers a company wishes to connect & engage with. You will be surprised to know that over 90% of B2B marketers have an ABM program. The next corollary is to have the needed technology to meet clients where they are today, predict their requirements, and engage with empathy on all available mediums. This is particularly relevant these days with change being the only constant, and correspondence from anywhere, anytime, impacting each company you are associated with.

Here are some ways that digital marketing technology can help implement their ABM strategy: 

  • Companies that supervise myriad segments, brand or locations need to tailor many types of documentation such as legal disclaimers, copyright information, branding standards, and other business content. This is done to comply with the local laws of the countries where they have a presence. Pardot Business Units and Snippets let marketing departments amend this content and still have a global view of an account. Thus, messaging to Malaysia, UK, USA, Australia, etc, it is possible to send out relevant information/messaging at the right time, without wasting time in duplicating stuff. 

  • AI is leveraged marketing campaign effectiveness. Enhanced AI capabilities aid in evaluating legacy performances and use predictive data to guide future actions. These data connectors allow marketing, sales, and service departments to speedily connect data from different external sources and comprehend their clients on a more granular level. 

  • Sandbox testing before the actual launch. Platform administrators and developers can work in digital “sandboxes” to test, audit, and configure functionality. These environments are safe zones to weed out tech snags and comply with IT governance requirements before launching any tech tools in the market. Pardot has developer sandboxes to help B2B marketers conduct similar tests of their own and launch successful features for varied zones or items. 

  • Virtual support team to help. With the burnishing of the ABM strategy and enhancement of capabilities with the new technology, outsource your work to a company like Codleo with certified experts to provide guidance, support, and training long after implementation. This frees company employees from carrying out mundane administration tasks, such as setting up users or creating reports and enhances their productivity doing other vital tasks. This is rather important for companies spread across locations.

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Vineet Rana is the digital marketing manager in the #Awesome team at Codleo. He is passionate about all things branding, and his mission is to get amazing content out to everyone as much as possible. When He is not online, he loves cooking, lifting weights, and hiking in the Himalayas with his friends.

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