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Implementing any project (technical, software, or otherwise) needs proper planning, strategy, and execution. This strategy applies when you wish to deploy the Pardot marketing automation tool.  We have compiled some tips/steps to ensure that your process is as smooth as possible. Read on.

 Here are the steps/tips for successful Pardot implementation: 

  • Goals – It’s important to identify the goals which are hoped to be achieved by the implementation of Pardot. These goals should be well – defined as measurable via KPIs, actionable, practical, and time-bound. For example, the company wants to generate 30 sales leads for the Sales team per month through campaigns. A Pardot implementation Partner will help you reach such goals during consultation and engagement sessions. 

Evaluate existing systems – Before heading for marketing automation software with Pardot Implementation Companies, it's best to evaluate in detail and over time, the existing infrastructure, currently used digital tools, etc, the future requirements, and so on. Your evaluation will throw up surprising results such as the need to replace outdated systems or adding a system/tool which will work in tandem with Pardot. 

  • Exact requirements - The exact requirements are formulated based on the results of the evaluation & discovery process. These requirements are useful for your Pardot Implementation Partner to configure the system to meet the business needs. With business apps, it is important to formulate strong system requirements. They enable the relevant department(s) to plan the business process that can be used to test the newly configured system with your exact requirements. 

  • Pardot implementation team – Apart from the Pardot Implementation Partner, you need to make a team for executing the project led by one capable stakeholder who is the pivot. Various teams who have a stake in the project need to be included and their voices heard. Regular meets to review progress and updates need to be conducted.    

  • Practical timelines – Pardot has much to teach therefore it is sensible to take it easy. Don’t be in a rush to learn everything at once. Pardot Implementation Companies also provide end-user training to ease the process. Use their services.  Your timelines should be realistic and in sync with your end sales goals. 

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We hope the above pointers would help you with the Pardot process in collaboration with a Pardot implementation Partner such as Codleo Consulting, the best in the business. 

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