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Select The Best CRM For Education


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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Quote by Late Nelson Mandela 

The need for a CRM for education has gone past the debate stage. It is now considered an essential part of the digital tool kit needed to boost a centre of learning. They provide the much-needed power to fuel growth, student enrolment, funding and overall day-to-day management of aspects of an educational institution. In this blog, we are looking at some important criteria for selecting a CRM as well as some leading brands in this space. 

These are the criteria for the selection of the best CRM for Education: 

  • Level of customisation and flexibility. The best CRM is one that can be customised as per the needs of the centre of learning. Therefore it should offer the highest levels of customisation and not a few. Any / most aspects of the CRM should be customisable. Plus, a review whether the centre’s IT team can handle it or they need the partnership of a salesforce vendor to get the same rolled out smoothly. 

  • Pricing and licensing. As with every institution of learning, budgets are tight and need to be adhered to. A detailed discussion with the vendor regarding how the billing is determined and contract commitments are required. Customisation is expensive and the more you ask for, the higher becomes the bill. Do keep it in mind before opening consultations or bidding. 

  • Integration with other tools, software and apps. A good CRM for consideration is one that easily integrates with other currently used or considered software tools & apps. Considerations such as Mobile and cross-device compatibility, hosting options, security features and permission levels need to be kept in mind.

Here are some of the leading CRM for the education sector: 

Salesforce - Built on the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Education Cloud is a CRM for colleges and provides a 360-degree view with digital-first engagements across the full student lifecycle. Universities and others are able to curate personal experiences and witness an increase in enrolment by over 10%. Power recruitment and admissions, advancement, and operations departments to help students from anywhere a unified CRM for education, made especially for higher education. 

Slate – It is a detailed CRM platform for admissions and enrollment management, student retention, and alumni engagement. It is customisable and has many features. Its offerings include marketing automation, event management data, visualization and document storage. It has onboard over 1000 institutions of learning. 

HubSpot – Unlike other specific offerings made for education, Hubspot does not have one. It has its free CRM which can be moulded for the requirements of the specific brand. The CRM includes contact management, automated marketing tools, form builders, live chat, and integrations with email and social platforms.  

As salesforce education cloud consultant, we are specialists in the Salesforce education domain with leading lights partnering with us. Contact us for salesforce education cloud consultant requirements.  We are a call away for all your needs.

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