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NGO Salesforce CRM mistakes to avoid


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Salesforce is a powerful tool in the hands of NGOs as they seek to broaden their reach, mission, and improve work processes to convert themselves into lean and agile organizations.  In this blog, we shall look at some real-life examples of how Salesforce helped NGOs and their cause through its mechanisms.

Liberty Shared NGO - In partnership with Salesforce, the NGO created a cloud-based victim case management system (VCMS) and data collection app. This data stores and shares data on trafficking victims among various NGOs. The data includes personal details of the people trafficked as well as when and from where they were abducted. The app is made in such a way that it enables the sharing of information, data, and best practices between various stakeholders.

It gathers intelligence and transmits it to the private sector. The data assists in rescue efforts. With relevant data, details of high-risk areas as well as track patterns of the trafficking rackets. The NGO works on preventing human trafficking by connecting grassroots NGOs in this field with the power of technology. The NGO works with 30 others, has details on over 18000 traffickers, and provides 10000 finance companies with tech to screen these names on their databases.

The Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre - Salesforce has helped this center to create a mobile app "ASDetect" using Heroku in the Salesforce Platform. the app collects data, generates records and reports.  For the laypeople,  the app has a number of questions, such as, ‘Does your child respond to their name?’ Each question comes with videos, showing typical and atypical behaviors at that age. The answers to the survey reach OTARC. Salesforce is used to keep the center in touch with parents and hand-hold them on the long journey ahead. 

Located at La Trobe University, the center trains nurses to observe children at the earliest to enable them to detect symptoms of ASD so that the kids can get the help they need to become productive citizens in the long run. Wojciech Nadachowski, Senior Advisor – Operations & Projects, OTARC says “From simple beginnings, it has evolved very quickly. We have identified hundreds of families with a high likelihood, and we now need to maintain ongoing communications with these families. Salesforce enables us to do this very easily by adding tools from the Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud."

The Big Issue - Salesforce aided the NGO in creating a call center that is quick and easy to use by those with no prior experience in working in such set-ups. It employs disadvantaged women to man the calls as well as pack their in-house magazine for shipping to the clients. Australia based NGO works with homeless and disadvantaged people.

The call center was so successful that they opened 3 in the country. “It’s a big responsibility and this makes the women feel important and valuable – which is exactly what they are,” says Emma O’Halloran, Head of Marketing at The Big Issue. “Working in a call center can be a daunting prospect for disadvantaged women. That’s why it’s so great that Salesforce has worked closely with them every step of the way.”

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