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Mindfulness awakens the inner self


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Mindfulness is a form of meditation in which you are aware / sensing of what is happening in the present, putting everything else at bay. It makes you aware of thoughts and feelings without any sort of distractions. It is life-changing and makes for a better & evolved person. Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere, anytime. In this blog, we shall look at practicing it in the office where it is most required because of the negative, stressful, and unpleasant environment at times. 

Here are some ways to be mindful at work: 

  • Be conscious at work. Being mindful at work means being aware of what is happening around you as well as what is happening inside you. It means being consciously present in the moment in the task you are doing, blanking out everything else. At the same time, you are in control of your mental & emotional state of mind. 

  • Mindfulness exercises.  These exercises tune the brain to be mindful. The more you practice them, the easier it would be for you or anyone else to get into a mindful state. The duration of the exercises can depend on the time you have or wish to devote to it. Just take time out of your busy schedule to include it in your daily work routine. 

  • Single task person. Become the person who does one task at a time, instead of running helter-skelter multi-tasking and being inefficient. Multi-tasking is stressful and often does not lead to the intended gains one assumes it would.  

  • Use reminders to practice mindfulness. In the busy course of our lives, we may get carried away with the routine and the pressures of the day. Thus, we are unable to Practice mindfulness/mindfulness exercises at work. Therefore, setting daily reminders be it via a mobile phone or pop-up alert on the computer screen is a good way to achieve it. 

  • Slow down. In order to achieve maximum efficiency and clarity of thought/vision, it is important to slow things down in the workspace. It doesn’t help anyone to be in marathon mode, edgy, and in a panic state of mind. It is indeed a waste of energy and often leads to wrong decisions/words being said. 

  • Make stress your ally with mindfulness. Mindfulness plays a role in helping us to change the mindset about stress from being a negative source of energy to a positive one. Next time you are getting stressed, be mindful and switch your attitude to a more positive one.  Look at the bodily reactions caused by stress in a positive way that it is sharpening your senses & making you more energetic. 

  • Gratitude. Have a deep sense of gratitude.  Practice gratitude on a daily basis brings out the best in you. It has a wholesome impact in the most positive manner. Use gratitude to minimise/eliminate the negativity in your life, and to turn you into the humblest & happy person you can be. 

  • Be humble. It is an attractive quality to have or cultivate. It makes you likeable and popular. The most famous leaders also have ample doses of humility.

Try the above techniques and see if it works for you. Otherwise, you could always organise a mindfulness course for your employees and see the benefits of those who are willing to make the leap of faith. 


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