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Leverage Linkedin for leads


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LinkedIn is the number one business social network currently in existence. It is not only a great place to network and look for jobs, but it is also an ideal place to look for leads that could be clients in the near future for your business. The tips below do require great thought for perfect execution and getting the desired results.

Below are some effective ways to generate prospects via Linkedin: 

  1. Reimagine your profile. Keep changing or updating your profile from time to time. Bring in freshness to it. As the profile is your online identity and calling card, make sure it is eye-catching and a great selling tool for yourself / your brand. Ideally, the text content should simple, clear, detailed, and professional. Humour and wit can add appeal as long as they don’t take away from its main intent. Begin with a professional picture to be parked as your display picture. It should only have you in it, wearing smart clothes and looking groomed. Next, the headline and text summary should be crafted well. Proofread for errors, typos, and mistakes.  

  2. Find possible leads. Linkedin is a great asset in this search. It has many features & tools that enable anyone to find potential leads for their services or products. Use these techniques to search for prospects:  View the “People Also Viewed” sidebar, browse through the networks of other brands/people (provided they are open and visible), and browse the profiles of people who have engaged with your brand and its posts. Just click “posts & activity” on your dropdown profile menu to peruse reactions and comments to your activity. You may also distinguish between recent followers by going to the “your followers” tab on the left sidebar. 

  3. Personalize connections requests/messages on LinkedIn. The best way to attract leads is to communicate with personalization & style. It is here that mentioning why you wish to connect with them as well as writing something interesting works. To sum it up, Use the person’s name in the connection letter, and create a customized note as well as a little bit about you and the reason for seeking a link.  

  4. Post interesting and relevant content. People are using Linkedin to post relevant, engaging, trustworthy, and helpful content. The idea is to get defined as an authority in your industry and/or a conversation initiator. It is therefore vital to get posts that contain relevant content out. Nowadays posts on WFH, mental health, digital tools, and hybrid working are the rage. You could also put content (text or videos) addressing issues faced by your clients/industry with solutions. Plus, posting consistently so you remain in touch in front of your connections is important. Post every day or few days. Spend time formulating good content and generate a buzz. 

  5. Use tools for prospect generation.  These include Sales Navigator, LinMailPro, and LinkedIn Pulse. Learn about them more and use effectively to build your list of leads. 

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Vineet Rana is the digital marketing manager in the #Awesome team at Codleo. He is passionate about all things branding, and his mission is to get amazing content out to everyone as much as possible. When He is not online, he loves cooking, lifting weights, and hiking in the Himalayas with his friends.

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