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Set realistic targets and deadlines


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“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” – Quote by Franz Kafka, writer.

Small teams are critical to the success of companies but are not without their share of challenges. In order for them to be agile lean and mean, issues need to be creased out and visionary leadership prevents disruptions from preventing productivity. So, whether you are a team of 4 or 8, our montage of ideas for overcoming productivity challenges is helpful for all. Read on to get more information.

 The top ways to increase productivity in your team are: 

  • Automate and integrate. Get a vendor to automate all mundane daily or regular tasks so that the team members are free to work on critical sectors / tasks. Automation is the mantra for higher productivity.  This will ensure time is not wasted on administrative tasks of a mundane nature. Integrate all existing tools and systems to get a holistic view from a single source instead of going back and forth. You could use a software connector tool. You could automate complete workflows and reduce the burden on your team.

  • Dashboards are a great way to get employees to see the tasks, responsibilities, and expectations. Without knowing their core tasks and responsibilities, productivity and efficiency are obviously affected. Dashboards enable the team to get a holistic 360 degree view of team performance, identify any potential speed breakers and remind users of incomplete or pending tasks. 

  • Analyse the dependencies on others for tasks and assignments to be completed by your team etc. Delays caused by others do hamper the overall productivity of the team and the company overall. So, any planning has to take into account dependencies on others or third parties. 

  • Time tracking. Be aware and monitor the time spent by individual team members on a daily basis. This will help them and the company management to understand what's going on a daily basis.  Thus, decision-making is simpler, and the allocation of tasks/assignments and the time required to achieve them. 

  • Revisit team processes. This is a good strategy and needs to happen often. Processes become redundant and need to be recast or replaced. So, undertaking the exercise will give clarity and boost performance as new tools / processes make life simpler for the team. 

  • Lessen the workload.  Don’t burden members or set unrealistic targets / deadlines. This has many serious repercussions. Assign tasks as supervisor / manager based on consultation with the team and what is easily doable with flexible timelines. No point in having stressed employees or failed targets or unpleasantness in the office.

With these small steps, the issues faced by leaders of small teams in terms of productivity and efficiency can be overcome. If you would like to share some more tips, do write to us.

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