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“ I’ve learned; That opportunity is never lost; someone will take the ones you miss.” ~ Quote by Late Andy Rooney, an American radio and television writer 

The counseling department of an educational institution especially technical and higher education always have a tough time. The tough times come with trying to convince leads & potentials to sign – up and put their future in the hands of these institutes, colleges, and universities. Coming to the aid of these harassed counselors and their targets etc is the magic of technology. By the magic, we refer to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool.  Let's see how it helps a counseling team in an educational institution 

The many benefits of a CRM are in brief as follows: 

  • The complete admission cycle is managed easily via the CRM tool 

  • Monitor and measure progress & performance via real-time data 

  • Counselling on the phone based on in – app calling feature 

  • Based on the advanced search and filtering options, retrieve info on each individual person based on different criteria and conditions. 

  • Each potential can be allocated a standing in the pool to realize who is “hot” and likely to end up as a student. 

  • The candidate profile is available with few clicks 

  • View the performance of each team member  

  • Real-time data to make quick informed decisions 


A CRM allows the counseling department or team to track the journey of every potential student and nurture them hoping that they will convert into a student. No opportunities are left out and communication for each potential student can be customized as per the real-time scenario. Personalized communication is always beneficial and helps to achieve success. 

The holistic visibility of each potential student enables the team to track bottlenecks and opportunities. Your entire engagement with prospective students is tracked as the CRM logs notes, follow-ups, emails, and calls. A CRM sends reminders regarding when a follow up is due or, make one while speaking on the phone. 

Unshackle your counseling personnel from their workstations to make admissions support and nurturing mobile, making them on – the – go option a real opportunity. So, a team member could be sitting at home in Ranchi or nursing an elderly relative in Dispur or stuck in a road jam in Poona, the work carries on to the satisfaction of all concerned. 

Ms. Kanchen Gupta, an admission counselor with a leading private institute in Delhi says “a CRM is a one–stop gift for all counselors. It makes us more informed leading to relevant engagement with each potential student”.  

As you can see a CRM is a great ally for all institutes/colleges/universities seeking to broaden their outreach, engagement, and admissions. It is indeed a big boon for all counseling personnel who wish to shorten the admission cycle by being as innovative as possible. Like to know more about CRMs, get in touch with us today via phone or email.

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