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Re-skilling provides new opportunities


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“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible!'” — Quote by Late Hollywood legend, Audrey Hepburn 

Meet Ms. Neeti Sardana, mid 40s, happy family person, and a former IT person. She had given up her flourishing career after her marriage and moved from Delhi to the small hill station of Dharamshala. Content looking after her in-laws and growing family, she enjoyed the slow pace of life and the purity of air the Himalayas gives in abundance. The pandemic of 2020 disrupted her life as her husband lost his job as a manager in an automobile showroom. The jobs forthcoming were paying a pittance and the days were rough. It was that this stage that Neeti thought of going back to work to support her family, and with the consent of her husband Umang. However, the negative response from IT firms dampened her enthusiasm. In her long sabbatical, her skillset had become jaded, outdated with no demand for them. Morose, Umang, and she sat down to discuss the road ahead, and she realised that she needs to re-skill herself in order to find work in the IT sector, working from home in Dharamshala and juggling her responsibilities. Re-skilling in the latest technologies helped Neeti find a good paying job with a firm in Hyderabad, and working from home, running the home till Umang gets back on his feet. 

Like Neeti, thousands of women techies give up blossoming careers for a variety of reasons. The pandemic not being counted, many have lost their careers and are desperate to rejoin the workforce with flexi hours and working from home. WFH is a boon for women techies allowing them to use their skill set, be productive, and manage their domestic situations. A recent survey showed that nearly 33% of women who wished to rejoin the workforce was seeing reskilling as integral to their plans. 25% of the respondents felt that reskilling would give them a boost in job interviews.  

For companies around the world, this is also a winning proposition. It gives them a chance to retain or nurture a robust pool of talent that showcases the diversity of life. Getting women to re-join the workforce means getting skilled & talented women to make a difference to the company and its finances. Women back mean adding 1.5% to our annual GDP which says a lot. Wouldn’t you say? Getting them to reskill in the tech industry such as digital marketing or Salesforce CRM are some of the options for consideration. 

Codleo Foundation recognises the power of “shakti “and to this end encourages women to take advantage of their free online courses to further their paused careers. To this end, it enables women to change their lives & fortunes by being a part of India’s growth story. Women are encouraged to apply for their regular courses and be the change that they want to see in the country.  If Neeti could change her family fortune around, so can all of you. 

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