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“Spend the time upfront to invest in systems and processes to make long-term growth sustainable.”- Quote by Jeff Platt. 

What do Rajesh Verma who runs a pharmacy in South Delhi, Vimal Guliani who is running a small family-run business in the Aroma products sector called Aroma Saga, and Anushree Birla from Jaipur who is a block printing trader have in common? The answer is Salesforce CRM; all of these small businesses have placed their trust in Salesforce to ensure that the power of tech is leveraged in the right way to give them the needed boost. 

More and more companies around the world and in particular India are recognizing the value of Salesforce, the numero uno CRM in the world. CRM employed by 80% of the fortune 500 companies like US bank, Toyota, and so on.  The small and medium businesses that are the backbone of the economy and in particular local economies & communities realize that their future is linked with digital transformations and the adoption of various tech tools to further their businesses in the years to come. 

It’s not only the enterprise companies or the big guns that benefit from Salesforce CRM and the host of products it has on offer to make life easier, processes streamlined, saving time, money, and energy. It’s everyone who is out to make a difference in any domain/business field. Salesforce CRM has something of value for everyone, small, medium, or large businesses. 

Till now, small and medium businesses have been vary of adoption of Salesforce for the following reasons: 

  • Absence of in-house capabilities 

  • General lack of knowledge and awareness 

  • Settled into their comfort zone and unwilling to shed the same easily 

  • Current work processes etc 

The benefits of Salesforce CRM are plenty for small and medium businesses: 

  • Cost savings to the company 

  • Streamlining of all processes 

  • Accountability and reporting simplified 

  • Removing team members from performing mundane tasks thanks to automation 

  • Chatbots takeover simple rules allowing the human team members to deal with complex questions and issues 

  • Better client interaction and engagement 

  • Easy overview of the running of the company 

  • Issues are flagged before they escalate or cause disruptions 

  • Enables quick decisions and fire fighting 

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So if you are a small or medium-scale company seeking to turn your fortune around, don’t wait. Already thanks to Covid-19, companies are already stressed and facing plenty of hardships. Do yourself a favor, make an investment in Salesforce and reap the fruits of the investment within a short period of time. 

 Mr. RS Maan, Global CRO of Codleo says “Every business can benefit from Salesforce and its products. Just keep an open mind and good days will come”.  

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Mohit is Practice Lead, 4x Certified Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce trainer, blogger, writer, and full-time husband. With over 8 years of experience implementing Salesforce, and an obsession for innovation, ready to tackle any new project that comes his way.

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