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Salesforce Winter 2021 Features


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In the midst of the uncertainty posed by the Coronavirus causing the COVID-19 Pandemic, some things are constant and reassuring such as the sun coming out every day and Salesforce releases every season. Every season releases new features and improved versions of its products. So in this blog, we shall be examining the Salesforce Winter 2021 edition various features. 

  • Flow updates - This announcement is a major one. In this flow, flows are now able to manage deletions, debug flows as a specific user, auto flow layouts, etc. Therefore, flow is more powerful than ever before. 

  • Dynamic forms and actions - Dynamic forms enable users to construct mini page layouts that can be put anywhere using the lightning app builder and can be hidden on a per-user basis as well. Similarly, dynamic actions enable a user to show/hide actions based on the user viewing the page. These features are available for all to use. 

  • Optimize Lightning Page Performance – The analyze button on top of the lightning app builder provides suggestions for improvements. This way you can find out the points which are leading to bad user experience. 

  • Einstein Lead & Opportunity Scoring – Earlier accessed only if paid for, it is now available for all to use. Salesforce has made some significant changes to this feature. A business or user can now debar particular records from the Einstein Opportunity Scoring model plus ignore fields chosen by the user. Earlier Einstein lead scoring needed 1000 leads and 120 lead conversions to begin scoring new leads, now it does not need to. It gets turned on automatically. This is welcome news and will make all users happy. 

  • Salesforce Anywhere – This allows users to collaborate on records and get updates on them in real-time.  It is currently on the beta stage. With everyone working from home due to the pandemic, this is a useful tool for businesses and teams to have access to. 

  • View modifications to deals -   A modification to the Opportunity List views in Lightning that enabled users to view if Opportunity amounts or close dates have been modified. This is useful for sales managers of firms who need to be abreast of all movements of deals in various stages. 

  • Interactive email builder – A user can use a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Builder to make email templates. This gives Salesforce a much-needed advantage in the email creating section. 

  • Dynamic survey pages – The Salesforce survey feature keeps getting powerful with every seasonal launch. In this release, personalized client journeys can be curated by defining which survey page they can skip to the next based on SF data available. 

  • Einstein search – With this release, Einstein search is enabled in the professional edition, as well as search personalizations for multiple objects. The personalized search results for users are based on a set of factors such as previous records and geographical location. 

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Hope you enjoyed reading our blog on the Salesforce Winter 2021 edition various features. If there are any features we have not written about, do write in and let us know on email. Happy reading! 

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