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Team talking about Salesforce service cloud benefits and features

Salesforce Service Cloud: Benefits and Features

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Salesforce Service Cloud: Benefits and Features

“Wealth, like happiness, is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a by-product of providing a useful service.” – Quote by Late Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motors of USA.

Salesforce Service Cloud is another offering from the house of Salesforce. It has a range of services such as call-centre, live chat option, knowledge base, and so on. The purpose of this cloud is to keep the customer base happy and loyal. In this blog, we shall examine the features and benefits of the Salesforce service cloud. Therefore once you opt for it, you have made an informed choice and know exactly you will gain from the same.  In the end, the customer is king. The service cloud is the right tool for you to ensure the same and stay ahead of the game.

Here are some features and their benefits of the Salesforce Service Cloud:

Lightning Console: This is a portal that provides information to a team member at the right time at the right place. All the information is displayed in a 360-degree version with easy access. This enables detailed interaction with customers and prospects leading to better solutions and services leading to customer delight.

LiveMessage & LiveChat: Each service oriented company has to have this service on their website if they want to survive the cut-throat competition. This option takes care of routine and mundane messaging freeing agents to take on other tasks. Routine queries are easily answered, customers get replies instantly, productivity becomes higher and customers happy.

Salesforce Service Cloud Dashboard stating its benefits and features

Omni routing: This feature direct query to the team member or department best suited to handle it. Thus valuable man-hours are saved and work is optimised. For example, technical queries to a Call centre can be routed to the technical department instead of the general customer service department.

Social Customer Service: This feature enables a business to closely monitor and respond quickly to customer posts on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Therefore positive posts can be appreciated and amplified, negative posts can lead to remedial actions and avoidance of loss of future business because of it. Social media posts are dangerous and can ruin businesses if not handled well. So be careful.

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Telephony integration: computer-telephony integration is a feature that enables the lowering of the handling time per call by an agent. You get customer information and record as soon as you get a call leading to an informed discussion with the caller. Agents can make outgoing calls, put calls on hold, transfer calls to other agent and so on.

Field service lightening: This feature provides a quicker service from the phone to the field on one platform. Thus businesses can see the work of technicians on the ground as well as handle assets.

As you can see the Service cloud is a useful product to have for any business. Contact us for information and other details on the same. Smile all the way to the bank with happy customers.

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