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“Salesforce lightning platform is the Rafale planes in the arsenal of a company to aid in the overall performance” – Quote by Puneet, IT manager with a MNC in NOIDA. 

The Salesforce Lightning platform is an enhanced version of Salesforce Classic that allows for the creation of apps in the easiest way possible with the least amount of botheration. It is a merger of Lightning app builder, Lightning Designing System (LDS), and Lightning Components that assist in inventing smart enterprise applications.  You do not need to import data, regenerate custom fields, or set up the security model when migrating from the classic to the lightning version.  

The lightning version enhances the user experience, has superior device support, and brings intelligence into the platform. It uses three languages:  Lightning Component Framework: A UI development framework similar to AngularJS or React. Apex: Salesforce’s programming language with Java-like syntax. And Visualforce: A mark-up language that lets you make custom Salesforce pages with code that looks a lot like HTML. 

 Some aspects that need to be checked during data migration are : 

  • The custom code inability to perform optimally in the lightning version needs to be handled. 

  • Reviewing of business processes is recommended to sync the needs and see how the lightning version can overcome difficulties differently. 

  • The new interface consists of 3-column layouts, up to 25 tabs, Paths, Components, etc. 

  • Fresh end-user training is a must so that all users are comfortable and adopt this version. 

One of the big highlights of the Salesforce Lightning platform is the lightning app builder.  It is a great boon for mobile app developers as it makes life all that easier. The interface allows users to assemble various screens in one place on the basis of the Lightning components. 

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The advantages of Lightning app builder are: 

  • Can be used to make single-page mobile apps 

  • Can be used to make dashboard-style apps 

  • Can be used to make “Point” apps to resolve certain tasks 

  • Aids in making custom home pages that consist of the features that the clients use most

For Salesforce Lightning Migration requirements, contact us today for an interesting engagement session. Join our many happy clients who have benefitted from the Salesforce Lightning Migration to see their companies reach pinnacles of success over time. 

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