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Salesforce admin outsourcing benefits and best practices


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More companies are now looking at the option of outsourcing their Salesforce administration to a vendor than ever before. It is proving to be beneficial for a variety of reasons which we have listed for you to help you in arriving at a decision which will impact your company in many ways. 


The best practices to keep in mind when planning to outsource your SF admin: 

  • Salesforce offers a wide range of certifications and qualifications on its many SF products. Check with the various vendors about the experience and certification levels of their employees. A vendor company as opposed to a single person offers the option of a broad range of certified and experienced personnel, which is what a company needs when outsourcing the administration. 
  • Do not consider outsourcing your admin to a company in another country, even if they have a lower quotation as compared to the one in your country. So, if for example you are based in India, stick to a vendor in India.  Every country has its own rules & regulations which could result in the work being of a lower standard than what you were expecting. 
  • Before appointing a vendor, be clear about the services in which you need help as vendors may have different packages & types of support. Therefore, you need to make sure that you choose the one which is ideal for your company's needs & budget. 
  • Though you are outsourcing the work, it is imperative to have a senior person in your company who will be the liaison for all purposes between your company and the vendor. This person should have the authority to make decisions and be knowledgeable. An internal person knows the pains and issues faced by the company on a day to day basis, thus can be an effective voice at all times. 

Always outsource your SF to a vendor company as opposed to a single person. With a person, you are limited to the experience and knowledge of only a single person, whereas with a company you have a whole team with a diversity of knowledge & experience which is better suited to meet your company's needs at all times. 

Outsourcing Salesforce admin benefits

The main benefits of outsourcing your SF admin are: 


  1. The main benefit is that outsourcing is cost-effective. It is cheaper to have a vendor handle the administration than a person hired for this purpose.  
  2. Salesforce administrators based on their level of experience and certifications do not come cheap. Whereas with a company, you have the option of selecting from a range of options. 
  3. The company is spared the pain of the entire recruitment process for the SF administrator. 
  4. Salesforce administrators being in great demand especially the good ones mean turnover of staff members could be high if you go for direct employment.  
  5. Outsourcing to a vendor spares all the headaches and pains which come with the churning of staff over and over. 
  6. Outsourcing gives you the advantage of having the whole team work for you as compared to a single person. Therefore, you are not limited by the knowledge & experience and availability of one person.

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