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Tips For How to Integrate Whatsapp with Salesforce


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“Whatsapp is the genie in the box which will transform communication for years to come” – Quote by Ranita Suri, a Delhi based linen manufacturer.

It’s finally happened! The news we have all been waiting for. Salesforce has announced that it will be integrating with Whatsapp as a customer service channel. Now businesses have a wider communication reach than ever before.  The world’s leading Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) Salesforce is one of the first companies to offer this integration which has been desired by many businesses. This announcement as part of its Spring 2020 launch gives customer service agents the ability to talk to customers over WhatsApp just as they have been doing via email, phone, text messages, and Facebook Messenger. 

Decoding the integration

  • Whatsapp  has around 1.6 billion users in 180 countries with India being its biggest market

  • Whatsapp is owned by Facebook of USA

  • this change applies to Lightning Experience for the Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions

  • No spams allowed

  • No large-scale Marketing Automation campaigns allowed on this platform

  • Salesforce customers must receive prior approval for their messages to send out alerts/notifications

  • Businesses can create up to 250 templates that WhatsApp will review in a maximum period of four business days. 

Benefits of communication via WhatsApp:

  • Communication happens in real-time.

  • It is in an organized manner.

  • The communications have the official backing from WhatsApp (Facebook Inc.).

  • It comes with performance analytics.

  • History of communications.

  • With contact centre agent traceability.

  • Greater efficiency in carrying out cases and boosting productivity.

  • Improving the SLA (Service Level Agreement).

  • Automating responses, alerts, and notifications (Einstein Bots).

  • Customer satisfaction over relevant messaging and no spams 

Types of alerts/messages you can send with the integration:


  • You can send a bill

  • End of auction notification

  • Notification of a change in the status of a transaction 


  • Your package Has been shipped

  • The status of your package has been changed

  • Package delivered

  • Shipment delayed 


  • Change to the itinerary

  • Change location

  • Your cancellation is confirmed

  • Your hotel booking has been confirmed

Alerts (Information of interest)

  • Opening hours of the business

  • Location address

  • Contact details


  • New appointment time

  • New location

  • Appointment cancellation 


  • Your problem has been resolved

  • Your inquiry needs additional information 

How to connect WhatsApp to Salesforce

  1. The business must have Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic in the Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, or Developer editions.

  2. They must have a Digital Engagement, Service Cloud, and Chat user license

  3. The companies must have an approved WhatsApp Business account, as well as a verified Facebook Business Manager account. 

Customers are now spending more time on phones than ever before for a variety of reasons.  Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps currently and gaining ground across new markets month on month. The coming together of Salesforce (Number 1 CRM) and Whatsapp (Number 1 instant messaging service) is a partnership with great potential and a game-changer for businesses. Will it change yours?

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