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“SELF-DISCIPLINE IS THE MAGIC POWER THAT MAKES YOU VIRTUALLY UNSTOPPABLE” – Quote by Dan Kennedy, American strategic advisor, consultant, business coach 

Do you consider yourself a disciplined person (be it in personal or professional life)? If yes then good for you, if not then this blog is surely for you.  Being disciplined in your daily life (whether on a weekday at work / working from home or a day off, excluding “cheat activities”) is an integral & valuable part of character development. The greatest leaders and thinkers and philosophers have laid tremendous emphasis on the same over the millennia. 

The disciplined person follows rules, codes, practices set by others as well as self – imposed. It could be following traffic rules, laws of the country, and so on. In this blog, however, we are specifically looking at self – discipline and how do you spend your day? Is every waking hour accounted for? Do you have a regimen for yourself that you follow to ensure that you achieve the maximum benefit from each day of your life? If you don’t, then you should. A disciplined life lays the ground for success in every aspect of your life. 

A day in your life could consist of: 

6 am to 7 am - Exercise, meditation, and yoga 

7 to 8 am – Bath and toilette 

8 to 9 am – Breakfast and time with family 

9 am to 1 PM – Office work with regular breaks every hour 

1 to 2 PM – lunch break and to do pending chores 

3 to 6 PM –Office work 

7 to 8 PM – Completing pending chores 

8 to 9 PM - Me time 

9 to 10 PM – Dinner or socialising 

10 to 11 PM – TV/reading etc 

11 PM- off to bed 

You do not need to follow the above daily schedule, make your own. As per your needs and requirements, account for every waking day. The considerations of work, physical & mental health, socialising, hobbies should be kept in mind while preparing your daily routine chart. Make each day count. Of course, you can have your cheat days such as holidays & weekends when you diverge from the trodden path. 

A disciplined mind and body ensure success, plan your days so that you lead a balanced work-home life especially those of us who are working from home in larger numbers, more than ever.  Let us know how you spend your day and what unique things you do to make it wholesome?

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Rahul Ray

Rahul is a seasoned consultant in travel, transport and hospitality sector subject matter expert with over 20 years of experience and constantly challenging himself to re-define travel distribution and channels, Dedicated Son, Love Nature and Politics both

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