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Call centre Employee Using the best call centre software that is integrated with salesforce.


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“One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.” – Quote by Jim Rohn.

Before Letting you know about the best call Centre software that can be integrated with salesforce. Let Me tell how 1-800 toll-free numbers an integral part of our lives are now. Each company worth its salt has a customer call centre to tend to all queries and complaints on products and services.  

Whether the business is a start-up or a family-run institution, call centres manned by 5 people 500 are the norm. Technology has now made it possible to link the phone systems in these BPOs/call centre with the computer systems which is defined by the term “Computer Telephony Integration (or in the short form as CTI)”. This linkage allows BPOs and call centres to improve their performance, enhance sales as well as keep customers happy.

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There are several CTI software in the market such as Cloud talk, Freshdesk, and Ameyo.  These softwares perform a range of functions as such as:

For all call centres and BPOs using software such as Ameyo and Salesforce Integration is the next logical step in improving work processing. The world’s number one CRM marries effortlessly and seamlessly with the best call centre software to scale up the qualitative work of the agents manning the calls.

Ameyo is the best call centre software that can be integrated with Salesforce. Here are some reasons for Ameyo being considered the best call centre software in the market: 

Ameyo ‘s robust foundations with its proactive work ethics make it the ideal choice for BPOs or call centres when looking for a software to manage their work.  Plus with its smooth integration with Salesforce and its many tools are just the icing on the cake. Its satisfied customers have seen an increase in volumes being handled, the resolution rate go up and customer retention showing an upward trajectory. 

So if you run a BPO or call centre and are seeking for out of box solutions, why not consider Ameyo and Salesforce Integration. The partnership will do wonders for your company’s financial bottom lines. Keeping your customers and prospects happy is your raison d’etre, so keep leveraging tech advances to up the game to the next level and if you are looking for Best Salesforce Integration Services do visit the link.

  • Directing calls to the right team or department

  • Logging and storing calls for quality issues and compliances

  • Allowing agents to click-to-dial or auto-dial contacts

  • Keeping a vigilant eye on KPIs such as average handle time, first-call resolution, dropped call percentages etc

  • Winner of many awards and recognitions over the years such as the Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Customer Value Enhancement Award 2015

  • 70% improvement in productivity of agents

  • 85%  faster SLA management

  • Over 2000 clients trust their services around the world

  • Global presence and best practices

  • Highest Standards in Security and Performance

  • Matches all call centre regulation and compliance issues

  • Call centre solution option for handheld devices means customers can be dealt with anytime, anywhere even for remote locations.

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