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8 Advantages of Having A Project Management App On The Salesforce

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8 Advantages of Having A Project Management App On The Salesforce

Millions of businesses are reaping the benefits of having a Project management App on the cloud. Are you ready to join them or still sceptical in adopting this strategy? We have listed a few reasons why the same will help your business in the long run.

Presenting the many advantages of having a Project management App on the cloud:

Connected team members: Cloud-based project management apps create a centralised workplace which can be accessed from anywhere by anyone, even members working from home or sitting in remote locations. Therefore the entire team can communicate and collaborate effortlessly. Cloud-based apps now provider employers freedom to hire people with necessary talents even if they are unable to work full time on-site all the time.

Easy accessibility: The second advantage is that team members can access all types of work-related information, anywhere and anytime.  All the data is stored in one centralised place so everyone has access to it. So whether a team member is in a client meeting, indisposed, unwell, or on the move, cloud software keeps the information available to all instead of being stuck in the concerned team member’s local computer folder.

Reduce costs: The third advantage of having a Project management App on the cloud is reducing overhead costs. Businesses don’t need to put in hardware, costly software installation, or IT staff to configure and maintain new software. Plus, since cloud-based apps have great customer and technical support, troubleshooting assistance is readily available.

Low-maintenance technology: The technology used is simple, functional, and easy to maintain. This is important when managing projects with fluid parts. This also reduces the time spent offline installing updates and checking system requirements.

Flexibility: Cloud-based apps enable team members to get tasks done faster in the platform (Windows or Mac) that they are comfortable in.

Security: They offer first-rate security, using top-notch secure data centres and servers with built-in disaster recovery. There is no threat to the loss of valuable data due to viruses, power outages, or tea/water spills on your laptop/computer. In the unfortunate event a laptop gets lost or stolen, all one has to do is log in to the online account and change the password to protect sensitive data.

Speed: Cloud-based apps come with speed. All one has to do is just sign up on the company website for instant setup and access to the new tool. Plus, when new features or security updates are released, they are easily accessible.

Integrated tools: Cloud-based project management app easily integrates with tools, software, and apps a company is already using. These allow convenience, ease of adoption, and increase in efficiency as all tools work in harmony and are located together in one spot.

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